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Landscape Maintenance

Decorative Stone

Stones, both large and small, can be used to decorate your landscape with dramatic impact. However, decorative stone also has functional properties that mulch cannot satisfy. For example, using pea gravel can allow for proper drainage in areas where mulch would retain water. M.W.D. Outdoors LLC. will assess your landscape and provide you with detailed suggestions about how to best use decorative stone to both accentuate and improve your property.

Mulch Installation

The application of mulch serves several purposes for your landscape. Mulch beautifies your yard by defining your ornamental beds. Additionally, a consistent layer of mulch helps reduce weeds and retains moisture to create the proper growing conditions for your flowers, shrubs and trees. Finally, decomposing mulch supplies nutrients to the soil. We suggest that you top off your mulch beds each year for both appearance and functionality.

Ornamental Bed Weed Control

In addition, to our weed control applications for your lawn, we also provide specific applications to handle weed in your ornamental flower beds. Our complete weed control program consists of hand weeding and herbicide treatment prior to weed germination and after weeds have appeared. However, we also offer non-chemical options if our customers desire. We can setup a consistent monthly or bi-monthly weed control program to meet your needs.

Spring/Fall Clean-up

Whether it is time to clean-up your property in preparation for the summer or clear out the fall leaves, we can offer a removal and disposal service that best suits your specific needs. Call M.W.D. Outdoors LLC. TODAY to schedule your FREE estimate.

Landscape Installation

Design & Planning

Let us provide you with expert landscape design services to beautify your property. Our highly trained professionals will work closely with you to develop and create your own unique individual outdoor environment. Additionally, we will construct a plan that will meet both your budget and your timing. Call TODAY for you FREE consultation.

Rough / Finish Grading / Delivery

Often both large and small landscaping project begin with modifications to the overall shape or layout of your property. M.W.D. Outdoors LLC. has all of the equipment available to manage the most demanding earth moving tasks. Whether we need to wheel-barrow just a few loads of soil or remove several tons, we can handle it all. We also offer aggregate delivery, application and finish grading on gravel roads and driveways.

Patios / Walkways / Stamped Concrete / Retaining Walls

Patios / Walkways / Stamped Concrete / Retaining Walls M.W.D. Outdoors LLC. offers a complete lineup of concrete, block and stone products to improve your landscape. We work with only the highest quality suppliers to assure that the new addition to your home will last. We offer patio, walkway and retaining wall installation, as well as, beautiful stamped concrete creations. Give us a call to review the many products available.

Landscape Lighting / Pond & Waterfall Installation

Unique accents are often the crowning jewel to a pristine property. Lighting, pond and waterfall effects can change the mood throughout your yard and provide you with distinctive spaces to both entertain and relax. Let us show you how these products can highlight your outdoor environment.

Erosion Control

Sometimes landscaping becomes not only beautiful but functional. For example, logs or stones placed to slow soil erosion not only improve the look of your property but safeguard it as well. As part of our review of your property, our professionals will make suggestions and help you implement plans that will slow erosion on your property.

Brick Mailbox and Flagpole Installation

M.W.D. Outdoors LLC. can create that extra special greeting for your customers or friends by designing and installing a brick mailbox or flagpole with landscaping. Take a look at our photo gallery to see some of our previous designs and give us a call TODAY.